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Raymond Weil announces the David Bowie freelancer

on March 22, 2017


“Oh well I look at my watch, it says 9:25”


Raymond Weil CEO, Elie Bernheim (pictured), proudly introduced the Limited Edition David Bowie freelancer at the #baselworld2017 fair today.


Mr Bernheim had this to say regarding Bowie.


“He was an artist in a league of his own, a visionary, multi-faceted icon whose work is testimony to an exceptional career as a musician and a creative. His metamorphoses both in terms of style and music studded his career, catapulting both himself and his characters to legendary status.

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PLACEBOWIE 12" for RSD plus BBC first play

on March 21, 2017


“Without you, I'm nothing at all”


Another disc just announced for Record Store Day (RSD) 2017, is the first ever vinyl pressing of ‘Without You I’m Nothing’, the Placebo single featuring the vocals of David Bowie, affectionately nicknamed PLACEBOWIE.


Originally released in 1999 as a four track CD only, it will now be issued for the first time on vinyl as a 3-track 12" picture disc limited to 5000 copies. Tracklisting below...




1. Without You I’m Nothing feat David Bowie (Single Mix)

2. Without You I’m Nothing feat David Bowie (UNKLE Remix)



1. Without You I’m Nothing feat David

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Bowie and Iggy 1977

on March 18, 2017


“We're what's happening”


In celebration of 40 years of Iggy Pop’s The Idiot, here’s a few pics of its creators in 1977.


The colour shot of Bowie at the keyboard was taken by Andy Kent at a soundcheck during The Idiot Tour.


The picture of Bowie on the left was taken by Koh Hasebe at the combined Japanese press conference for Low and The Idiot. Both Bowie and Iggy faced the press on the day, with much tomfoolery in evidence by the pair.


The mono pic is another shot of the boys having a bit of a laugh, slightly at odds with the mood set by Low and The Idiot.



#BowieIggy  #TheIdiot40

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Iggy’s The Idiot is forty today

on March 18, 2017


“I’m an idiot for you”


Iggy Pop’s The Idiot album was released on March 18th, 1977, and its influence is still being felt forty years later.


Along with Bowie’s own Low album, The Idiot was a real game-changer for artist and listener alike.


It’s probably a cliché to say how new both these albums sounded back in 1977, but nevertheless, it’s true.


They sounded like they shouldn’t have been made yet and although they were both instant classics to the faithful, both records are still generally underappreciated.


Though Low was released a couple of months ahead of The Idiot, the latter

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Mick Rock’s first Bowie photo is 45 tonight

on March 17, 2017


“Because you're young - you'll meet a stranger some night”


Right about now (forty five years ago to the hour), the audience at Birmingham Town Hall were among the first people in the UK to experience the life-changing delights of the Ziggy Stardust stage show.


Before our man took to the stage with his merry band of space invaders, Mick Rock had his first meeting with the 25-year-old Bowie. Here’s what the Man Who Shot The 70s had to say about that moment.


+ - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - +


That was the first time I met him.