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DB does DB with Choir! Choir! Choir!

on February 08, 2018


“For ever and ever”


You’ve most likely seen this already, but it bears repeating for those of you that may have missed it.


Choir! Choir! Choir! teamed up with David Byrne and a large group of enthusiastic singers for an emotionally charged rendition of "Heroes" in NYC last month.


The event took place in the Ford Foundation lobby of the Public Theater during the Under the Radar Festival on January 13th, and this is how David Byrne announced his involvement earlier in the day...


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How Do They Do It?


I've sat mesmerized

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Bowie songs used for historic space flight

on February 06, 2018


“There’s a Starman waiting in the sky”


History was made today (Tuesday Feb 6) with the very emotional launch of Elon Musk’s midnight cherry Tesla Roadster car into space, with David Bowie’s Life on Mars? as the soundtrack, and a character called Starman in the driving seat.


Mr Musk’s SpaceX used a super rocket – the Falcon Heavy vehicle – to send the car into orbit around Mars, deploying technology with twice the launch power of any existing rocket, and double that of the Saturn V, used for the Apollo lunar missions.


Before the launch, Mr Musk explained that the Roadster “will be in

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Philip Glass Lodger tickets on general sale Tuesday

on February 05, 2018


“...popular musics and aftershocks...”


As regular readers of this page will know, Philip Glass has been promising the third and final symphony of his Bowie/Eno trilogy for many years. Now his 12th symphony, based on Bowie’s Lodger album, will have its European premiere at the Southbank Centre next year following the world premiere in Los Angeles.


Lodger will be performed alongside his First (Low) and Fourth ("Heroes") symphonies by new music ensemble the London Contemporary Orchestra with innovative organist James McVinnie. Hugh Brunt and Robert Ames will be conducting.


Based on

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Duncan recommends book #2

on February 02, 2018


“I’m lookin’ thru African eyes”


Following last month’s recommendation, Peter Ackroyd’s Hawksmoor, Duncan Jones has posted his second selection for the Bowie Book Club on Twitter.


It’s James Baldwin’s The Fire Next Time. Here’s a couple of posts from Duncan on Twitter.



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Duncan Jones @ManMadeMoon Jan 28

Book 2 I’m going to be reading from dad’s favs, will be James Baldwin’s THE FIRE NEXT TIME. 

Hopefully not as hard to get hold of this book as the last, and possibly a quicker read.


Reading deadline?  March 1st!




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Duncan Jones tweets MUTE trailer

on January 30, 2018


“The darkest hour and your voice is new, Love is lost, lost is love”


As we recently told you, MUTE premieres worldwide on NETFLIX on Friday 23rd February 2018, more than fourteen years since Duncan’s first draft.


Now young Jones has posted the trailer on Twitter (@manmademovies ) and from the flavour of it, it looks like MUTE has been well worth the wait.


Unsure whether he wants you to watch the trailer or not, Duncan also had this to say about this seemingly necessary evil:  


“I have a love hate relationship with trailers.