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Survive Single

on November 09, 1999

The Survive Single is to be released in the UK on January 10th 2000. It will come in 3 flavors.

Survive UK CD1
Survive (New Version)
Survive (Album Version)
Pretty Things (Stigmata Film Version)
Survive (Video)

Survive UK CD2 (Live In Paris Collectors Edition)

Survive (Live)
Thursday's Child (Live)
Something In The Air (Live)
Survive (Live Video)

There will be a third format for the UK which is TBA

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Reeves Gabrels Releases Internet-only Album

on November 08, 1999

Long-time Bowie collaborator Reeves Gabrels releases his new album online in an unprecedented move bypassing traditional record companies and CD production. The album,
Ulysses (della notte), went online at on November 4th, and will not be available in stores.

"The Internet lets me make my music available to listeners within a week of completion. And these songs are coming out unaltered or remixed by a record label's A&R department. What you hear is what I wanted you to get. No compromises," said Reeves Gabrels.

When fans download Ulysses (della notte) they will

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Bowie Shows And Appearences

on November 07, 1999

Several exciting additions have been made to the Shows and Appearances section, including 3 new European gigs in December.

Keep your eyes on BowieNet for additional chances to win tickets for these Bowie Gigs.

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Bowie Interviews Bowie

on November 07, 1999

Deja who? This one is really great! Here is exclusive David Bowie Interview: David Bowie at the age of 53 interviews David Bowie at the age of 23. Huh? Well you will just have to read it for yourself.

Here is an excerpt:
db1. (53 years old) You look tired, what have you been up to?

db2. (23 years old) Thanks, you don't look so rested yourself. I've been recording a song called Space Oddity. It's a sort of a sequel to '2001', a fantastic movie I just saw with my girlfriend Hermione, and the other half of my duo, a guy from Yorkshire called Hutch. This Kubrick guy is fantastic.