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His Is The Dj / Yesterday And Today

on June 27, 1999

20 years ago today, June 29, 1979 ? the singleD.J. was released.

And in honor of this anniversary, we suggest that you watch this RealVideo clip. View the DJ in RealVideo.

sorry, but this segue could NOT be avoided! :)

Now, 20 years later, Bowie IS the DJ of Rolling Stone Radio...Click here to download the player and start listening to the DBRN!

Here is a quickpreview of Bowie, talking about the project and his role as DJ.

"As DJ for the BowieNet station on Rolling Stone Radio, my first playlist will include favorite songs from the last five decades," said Bowie.

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Cyber Song Event Photos Pt. 2

on June 25, 1999

    Here are a few more photos from the Cyber Song Event. (photos by Frank Micelotta)

    NOTE: we have received several request to make the images BIGGER, go we have increased the size on these!
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Special Announcement: David's Back Catalogue Release Dates!

on June 25, 1999

17 titles from David's back catalog will be released in September byVirgin Records in North America and EMI Records throughout the rest ofthe world.

Each album has been digitally re-mastered at the world famous Abbey RoadStudios.

The packaging for each CD will include booklets up to 16 pages. Theyfeaturethe original album artwork, a selection of photos and with the exceptionofPin Ups, the full lyrics. While the original integrity of the artworkremains intact, the back inlays and spines of the CD's have beendesigned toachieve a continuity across all 17 albums.

The re-releases include the

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Internet Tonight/david Bowie Giveaway

on June 25, 1999

Internet Tonight is giving away tons of cool Bowie gear to a few lucky Bowie brains who can answer two questions about the BowieNet Cyber Song Contest.

Winners will be chosen at random, and the contest runs two weeks. Recipients will be announced on Internet Tonight June 30. Here are the prizes:

A one-year subscription to BowieNet.
5 second prizes: personalized, autographed CDs
5 third-prizes: personalized, autographed BowieNet mousepads.

To be chosen for the drawing, you must send the corect answers to ZDTV.

1.What is the name of the Cyber Song Contest Winner?
2. What is the title of the

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Silly Stuff: Name Game

on June 24, 1999

Here is a little item sent in from Julia:

Hi! I don't know if David already knows this, but his name makes an interesting anagram:

"Via web I'd do"

or just the opposite:

"I'd avoid web"

Just quite funny, isn't it?from a fan in FinlandJulia.