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Vh1 Reminder

on October 15, 1999
    Mark your calendars, here is the upcoming VH1 Schedule.

    October 18th
    9 pm Legends (repeat)
    10 pm Storytellers (Premiere)

    October 21st
    5 pm Legends (repeat)

    October 22nd
    12 pm Storytellers (repeat)

    October 27th
    5 pm Storytellers (repeat)

    October 28th
    10 pm Storytellers (repeat)

    October 29th
    12 pm Storytellers (repeat)

    October 30th
    2 pm Legends (repeat)

    October 31st
    12 midnight Storytellers (repeat)
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Bowie Bowie Bowie

on October 15, 1999
    Here is a recap of several Bowie news items:

    On the magazine front, Bowie graces the October cover of Flaunt magazine, with a cut-out self-portrait that may also be used as a mask (for Halloween). In the piece, Bowie discusses a multitude of topics including the past and future, as well as giving some sage advice:

    "All we have to do is hold onto that one core thing: Treat every 24 hours as the most special thing because tomorrow is never promised."

    On the production front, Bowie is co-producing the Los Angeles production of "Hedwig And The Angry Inch."

    On the appearance front, November 1st,
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David Bowie Impacts The Globe With His Worldwide Release Of `hours...'

on October 14, 1999


DAVID BOWIE's newly released Virgin album hours...--hailed by Rolling Stone with a four-star review--is making big noise around the world, with impressive chart entries and critical accolades.

Featuring the single "Thursday's Child" and the radio rock track "The Pretty Things Are Going To Hell," the album debuted in the Top 10 in 10 countries: Israel (1), Austria (4), France (7), Germany (4), Greece (9), Italy (7), Japan (5), Norway (4), Sweden (2) and the U.K.

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Paris Photos

on October 14, 1999
    A special treat from our friend Plilippe!

    Here are several exclusives pictures taken yesterday in Paris of David, as well as the general festivities.

    Photos include shots from the press conference, outside the venue, and more. Philippe premises more pics soon!

    ALSO: We are getting a few journals from our 10 Ticket winners, but if you went to the Paris show and want to share your pictures or journals, please send them to (please put PARIS in the subject of your email). We will build this section up as we get more.

    Thanks again to Philippe AULIAC
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Newmusic Show Featured Artist

on October 14, 1999
    Bowie appears as this week's featured artist on the NewMusic Show. Go to the NewMusic Show website for more information, the interview transcript, and some entertaining video clips.

    Clip 1 - "I was a closet academic... but now I'm quite open about it."

    Clip 2 - "He [Goldie] showed me kind of a new way to work with drums..."

    Clip 3 - "BowieNet... G'aaahh... 5.2 million hits in the first week?!"