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Bowie Interviews Bowie

on November 07, 1999

Deja who? This one is really great! Here is exclusive David Bowie Interview: David Bowie at the age of 53 interviews David Bowie at the age of 23. Huh? Well you will just have to read it for yourself.

Here is an excerpt:
db1. (53 years old) You look tired, what have you been up to?

db2. (23 years old) Thanks, you don't look so rested yourself. I've been recording a song called Space Oddity. It's a sort of a sequel to '2001', a fantastic movie I just saw with my girlfriend Hermione, and the other half of my duo, a guy from Yorkshire called Hutch. This Kubrick guy is fantastic.

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Vh1 David Bowie Day Tv

on November 07, 1999

Here are the listings for today!:

08:30 David Bowie Video Timeline
13:00 Greatest Hits: David Bowie
13:30 VH1 to 1: David Bowie
16:00 Story Tellers - David Bowie
18:00 Greatest Hits: David Bowie
18:30 VH1 to 1: David Bowie
19:00 David Bowie at the Beatclub
22:00 Story Tellers
23:00 FILM: Ziggy Stardust
01:00 VH1 to 1: David Bowie
01:30 Greatest Hits: David Bowie

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Special Announcement: Kit Kat Club Ticket Giveaway

on November 07, 1999

This Thursday night, BowieNet will be giving away dozens (and then some) of additional tickets for the Kit Kat Club show.

Join us in the chat room for an exciting round of Bowie Jeopardy this Thursday at 8:00 p.m. EST. Keep your eyes on BowieNet for additional details!

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'thursday's Child' Video Nominated For Mtv Euro Award

on November 07, 1999

'Thursday's Child', the first single off 'hours...' has been nominated for an award at the 1999 MTV Europe Music Awards. You can
GO VOTE for the main categories at the MTV web site, or by calling one of these telephone numbers:

09009 141414 (UK) or 1550 144444 (Eire)

The ceremony will be beamed live from The Point in Dublin to more than 300,000 homes worldwide.

Show time is:
November 11 from 2000-2200 GMT

GO VOTE!! for your favorite artists at the MTV Europe Awards website

go to the MTV Europe website