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Changes For Bowieart

on April 18, 1999

    That's right. There have been some changes to the BowieArt site. A new splash screen now awaits you. Have a look.
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Speedo Contest Update: Wrap It Up

on April 16, 1999

Here are 2 more entries in the Speedo Contest. We are going to wrap this one up next week, so if you want to be eligible for judging, get your photos in by Wednesday (April 21, 1999). Then we will all vote for the winner.

Come on, open that graphics program and get to work!!

If you don't know how to, but want to learn, try Web Graphics 101 from CNET. This little tutorial will teach you everything you need to know about web graphics, and includes links for downloading graphics programs. So now you have no excuses, send your Speedo entry in now!

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Architectural Digest

on April 14, 1999

In a re-print from a past issue, Bowie gets a few words and picture in the April 1999 issue of Architectural Digest about a home he previously owned in Mustique.