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Without You I'm Nothing

on July 19, 1999
    BowieNet Exclusive:
    This photo was sent over by the Placebo camp as a potential cover for the new Placebo/David Bowie Enhanced CD EP 'Without You I'm Nothing.'

    Here is a short sample of the track Without You I'm Nothing.

    As always, you can check up on Placebo at their official website:

    Thanks to Virgin and Hut records for the track ;)
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Bowie Art

on July 19, 1999

Be on the lookout for David's ivolvement with the Brooklyn Museum of Art's showing of "Sensations"

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The Ideal Woman

on July 18, 1999
    The premier edition of 'V' magazine (Sept.) will feature theIdeal Woman.

    Bowie's contribution is in the form of a 'female nipple'spelling out the word 'Iman'

    It's title? 'Ideal Woman X 2' -Have a look.

    Bowie will also write an introduction to the work of artist Micheal RayCharles.
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Visconti, Rustic Overtones, And Bowie

on July 16, 1999
    Last month, BowieNet reported that David Bowie was working with Tony Visconti and up-and-coming New England band Rustic Overtones. Here is a brief update.

    Earlier this week, Tony Visconti invited a few BowieNet staff to attend the final night in the studio with himself and Rustic Overtones. We were treated to several tracks and got to watch Visconti work his magic with the soundboards! (FYI: very impressive)

    Bowie has made contributions on 2 songs for the forthcoming Rustic Overtones album, which is due out on September 28th, on Arista Records.

    David sang the choruses and added spoken word to
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Omikron Review

on July 15, 1999
    Check out a new review on Omikron from the Adrenaline Vault, one of the top gaming destinations on the Internet.

    The Adrenaline Vault is an independent source of gaming information and is considered by many to be the ultimate gamers website.

    Here is an excerpt of the review:
    It is no secret that David Bowie has been contributing his talents, both in terms of music and integration as an interactive NPC.