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Happy Birthday Gae

on January 06, 2000

38 today - The hapless
Mrs Blam Blam

In a flagrant abuse of my position I would like to wish my long-suffering wife a happy birthday. We have beentogether since 1989, when I met the lovely lady in an all-night queue for Tin Machine tickets! Happy Birthday darling - have fun - all my love - Mark xxx(Blammo)

Normal service will resume in a moment...

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Vh1 Top 100

on January 06, 2000

VH1 today, released their 100 Greatest Rock 'N' Roll Songs, as determined by a panel of 700 voters assembled by the music network. Our fearless leader and rock hero only had one entry in the list of the top 100 songs (they must have asked the wrong 700 people). regardless, here is the top 10, and Bowie's spot on the list:

1. "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction," The Rolling Stones.
2. "Respect," Aretha Franklin.
3. "Stairway to Heaven," Led Zeppelin.
4. "Like a Rolling Stone," Bob Dylan.
5. "Born to Run,"

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Greeting: Isn't It Somebody Else's Birthday Soon?

on January 06, 2000

There is a whisper in the chat rooms that it is somebody else's birthday tomorrow. Some mysterious old tart who will have reached an impressive 53-years-of-age by tomorrow. Well whoever it is, you can send individual greetings of your own that we will forward to the birthday boy. Please post your submissions to:

...with a subject field of Birthday Boy.

Total Blam Blam - (European Correspondent)

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Q Mag Haul

on January 05, 2000

'Q' Magazine is going Bowie-Crazy! Here are 3 seperate stories that have run recently:

Every month, 'Q' conduct an exit poll at three live gigs and ask four punters '...May we stop you a moment and ask, What did you think of tonight's show?'

This month, they feature The LONDON ASTORIA, DAVIDBOWIE gig. All four opinions were ecstatic, which isunusual.....I guess they couldn't find anyone to say abad word....

For the third successive month, Diamond Dogs has madethe Best Re-Releases of the Last Three Months sectionof
'Q' Magazine! That's three out of a possiblethree!!

Here is what 'Q' had to