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Omikron Rides Again

on December 03, 1999

Everywhere we turn, Omikron is making headlines. And we're not just talking about game magazines' stories either (though there are plenty of those). Headlining this batch of stories is one from the Reuters/Variety newsfeed:

Soul switching adds spice to 'Omikron'

"The game is set in a Blade Runner type world, and it features music, soundbeds (background sound schemes) and spoken word content from David Bowie."

"Bowie contributed 8 songs, 50 atmospheric soundbeds, and plays two

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20 Tickets For Copenhagen Show!!

on December 02, 1999

We now have 20 tickets to the December 7th Copenhagen 'Vega Musikkens Hus' David Bowie Show up for grabs.

If you want a ticket to the COPENHAGEN show, just fill out the form including your BowieNet User name (NOT your password), and if you win, you will be notified via email on Monday morning, December 6th.

Please remember:
Please don't enter if you can't physically be in Copenhagen on Dec. 7nd.

The show is Dec. 7th at 'Vega Musikkens Hus'

Street Address:
Enghavevej 40
1674 V.


Any questions can be forwarded
Good Luck!

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Bowie On Vh1

on December 02, 1999

This Sunday, December 5th, at 1:00pm, VH1 is showing their 1996 Fashion Awards (Music).

The hour-long show will have "Pop Up" video performances and highlights from the 1996 VH1 Fashion Awards, including "Stayin' Alive" by the Bee Gees and a performance by David Bowie.

On Monday, December 6, at 1:00am, VH1 is showing their History of Rock 'n' Roll "The '70s: Have a Nice Decade" (Music)

"The seventies may stand as the most colorful decade of rock, with the theatrics of artists like David Bowie, Kiss and Alice Cooper. Also, a new craze called disco swept across America."

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London...ta Ta

on December 02, 1999

"Not only is it the last show" etc... again

London is still reeling from the shock of the visiting media monster that is the Bowie machine. And Total BlamBlam is still in the recovery position... so here are a few pictures that he took yesterday at the Virgin MegaStoresigning and the Astoria show, to tide you over until he re-surfaces with his report tomorrow. Just click on theimage above for a link to images from both events.

click here for more pictures

From our European Correspondent, Total Blam Blam