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Album Of The Month

on November 12, 1999

"hours..." is the ALBUM OF THE MONTH in the December 99 edition of 'The Net' internet reviews and listings magazine.

* * * * * five stars!!

Here is an excerpt:
This is some of Bowie's best work in'll never hear a better career summation than'Pretty Things

they add
Buy over the internet, or else interact with ZiggyStardust himself on this ground-breaking officialsite.

Story from Spaceface

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Merry X-mass

on November 12, 1999

    Don't miss the showing of Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence, this Tuesday, November 16th at 3:35am on The Movie Channel. The film is rated 'R', and runs 125 minutes.

    Originaly Released in 1983, and Directed by Nagisa Oshima, Bowie stars as a World War II POW in a Japanese camp.

    Story Synopsis:
    Major Jack "Strafer" Celliers In this taut psychological drama about clashing cultures and survival set in the midst of World War II, Bowie stars as Jack Celliers, a British army officer who is sentenced to a Japanese P.O.W. camp in Java.
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Ftd Hero Campaign

on November 12, 1999

FTD and FTD.COM have started to run a new advertising campaign, "Be A Hero", which features the Bowie classic "Heroes". The song is the feature idea behind the campaigns' TV and Movie Theater ads.

The "Be A Hero" concept depicts the sender of flowers as "the hero" and points out that anyone can be a hero simply by giving flowers.

go to

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Bowienet Things

on November 12, 1999

Have you downloaded your free BowieNet Screen Saver?? This cool collection of 9 unique BowieNet Things are fun, interactive multimedia objects designed for your viewing pleasure. Just a reminder, to view things:

1. You must be on a PC (sorry MAC's)2. You will need ThingViewer 1.1
3. Internet Explorer (3.0 or higher) or Netscape (3.0 or higher).

For all the details, go to BowieNet Things. Have fun!

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Ziggy Starbucks

on November 12, 1999

This image is from GQ Magazine's December 1999 issue. Here is some text that followed this colorful image.
Click here for bigger image.

David Bowie: Down-to-earth Starman.

What qualities do you bring to the party?

My hard-won ability to know when to go home.

Tell us about the best party you've ever been to.

For the Sultan of Solo's birthday. Nine of his daughters played flutes and danced for us as rain seeped through the grand, but dilapidated, roof of his 12th-century palace.

Can you recommend a top non-alcoholic beverage?

I live on Starbucks' French Roast coffee.

taken from GQ Magazine December