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New Omikron Site Plus 28 Character Personas

on July 11, 1999
    Be on the lookout for the New Omikron website. In the next few weeks, Omikron will have a new site, along with a new look.

    We have a small screen grab (below), but you will have to wait till they release the new site in the coming weeks.

    But don't wait till the new site goes live, as there are several new items on the current Omikron site (, where you can download the new OMIKRON demo, read game scripts, view pictures and MORE.

    As a special feature on BowieNet, we have 28 new characters from the game to show you.

    One of the leading concepts of Omikron
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Bowie History

on July 10, 1999
    Wow! Did you know that today marks the 30 Year Anniversary (July 11, 1969) of theSpace Oddity/"Wild Eyed Boy From Freecloud" single release. The record took two months to make it into the top 10 in the summer of 1969.

    Here is the Space Oddity RealVideo as well as a few exclusive photos of the "Space Oddity" period, taken by Brian Ward.
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Sod Site

on July 09, 1999

    Sisteurs of Utter Destruction - SOD - has added a brand new interactivefeature to the website!

    People can now answer a featured poll question in"SOD Asks" (similar to the David Asks section).

    SOD has also selected a new SOD of the Month! Check it all out at

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Bowie Tv

on July 08, 1999
    Saturday, July 10, 1999
    1:30am EST (60 min)
    Legends "David Bowie"

    VH-1 will be re-running David Bowie's 'LEGENDS' (Profile) From cult stardom in the 1970s to superstarstatus in the 1980s and 1990s, David Bowie established an enduringname for himself as a musician and artist.

    Saturday, July 10, 1999
    8:00pm EST (60 min)
    History of Rock 'n' Roll "The '70s: Have a Nice Decade"

    The seventies may stand as the most colorful decade of rock, with the theatrics of artists like David Bowie, Kiss and Alice Cooper. Also, a new craze called disco swept across America.