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Free Holly Cds

on January 21, 2000

Holly Palmer, part of the back-up tandem extraordinaire, has a special CD BowieNet visitors! Click on the link below to go to her site.

Go to Holly's Site

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Msnbc Covers Bowiebanc

on January 20, 2000

Bigtime coverage in
MSNBC's Buisiness Section. Here's a bit of what they had to say...

"Ziggy might have played guitar, jamming good with Weird and Gilly, but now he?s offering mortgages, check accounts and online bill payments. David Bowie, rock star turned Internet entrepreneur, has opened his own online bank, complete with checks and bank cards bearing the singer?s portrait."

Now, go to the whole story

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on January 19, 2000 is a library of pictures built around the work of renowned session photographer Lawrence Kirsch, who has photos of artists for most major record labels in the USA. Go to the site by clicking either the image above, or below...