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Db B-day Bashes

on January 05, 2000

Millennium 2000 db Birthday Party in Tokyo

A Happy new year! Happy New Millennium!

A popular Japanese weekly entertainment information magazine, 'Tokyo Ishukan (Tokyo One-Week)' published on 4th January is featuring this event with an article and a db photo.On the page 112 of the issue, there is information on "Millennium 2000 db Birthday Party" which will be held on on 8th January in Tokyo.

Click HERE for some information about the party in English.

Click HERE for some information about the party in Japanese.

Hamburg Bowie Birthday Party

January 8th in Hamburg, Böckelweg 21, all are

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Ultrastar In Usa Today

on January 04, 2000

Throwing Our Weight Around

Leading off an article on the future of ISP's is this impressive piece in USA TODAY.

Both the Yankee's site and BowieNet are managed by UlraStar, co-founded by Bowie himself.

Read the article

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Dublin Highlites

on January 04, 2000

Here is an interesting snippet from Dublins largest selling evening news paper, The Evening Herald.

'Diary Review of the
Highlights of 1999'

by Dermott Hayes.

"David Bowie performed the most spectacular show of the year inDublin's HQ in Abbey Street, the MTV awards not withstanding.Five hundred lucky punters gained admission to the exclusive show.The mezzanine balcony of the Hall of Fame was jammed packed withcelebrities, local and international, including: the Corrs, Michael Flatley, Gerry Ryan, Dave Fanning, joe Elliot, Brian Kennedy and Andrew Lloyd Webber.... Legend has its own place in

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Last Night On The Bbc

on January 04, 2000
O Zone David

David Bowie, friendly on The O Zone - BBC2 - 4th Jan 2000

It was short and sweet and fractured with snippets from various videos across the years,including a tantalising glimpse of the rarely seen 'Stage' footage from 1978. The interviewsituation was identical to the Newsnight Jeremy Paxman 'Interview of the Millennium', andboth were filmed on the same day early last month.

David was his usual relaxed, humorous and irritatingly great-looking self. How come he looks younger and far fitter than me and I'm not even 40 yet? Must be the drugs, his not mine! Oh well, click here for a link to some

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on January 04, 2000

The Sunday Times produced a special Millenium Souvenir Issue with Full 24-hour coverage of the event from around the world. As well as national celebrations, there were stories about personal experiences of the big day.


View the story

info courtesy Spaceface