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Vega Live!

on December 08, 1999
David Bowie live at the Vega
Copenhagen, Denmark
7th December 1999

Click on the above image to go to a full review of the Denmark show and a
page of images from Total Blam Blam

Here is another review of the Vega show

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Vh1 Artist Of The Year

on December 08, 1999

Just when you thought it was safe...Here is another Artist of the Year Vote, this one brought to you from VH-1.

Bowie, along with the likes of Whitney Houston, Cher, Tom Petty, Dave Matthews , Lenny Kravitz, Jewel, Sting, and more have all been nominated.

Here's what VH1 had to say about Bowie:

"Bowie's 23rd album, hours, marked his return to simple songwriting.

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Bowie Mothership

on December 07, 1999

Ink Blot Magazine has launched The David Bowie Mothership, a section of the magazine dedicated to Bowie-specific content. Features include reviews, fan tributes, and a regular trivia contest.

Check it out here