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The News Of The World

on November 20, 1999

Diary of an internet fiendThe News Of The World piece was an advertorial pull-out in association with Time computers, that concentrated on David's internet involvement.

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Db In The Sun

on November 20, 1999

Ciggy Stardust and The Sun (Machine)A two-page interview with David conducted by Dominic Mohan for The Sun was published on Saturday, under the headline: "IT'S CIGGY STARDUST"! The Sun, (Britain's biggest selling tabloid newspaper) recently voted David Bowie the most important artist of the century in a reader's poll.The interview made a big deal of Bowie's apparent rude health, which we all know he struggles to maintain via his intake of "40 fags a day, junk food and coffee by the gallon". This and the fact that David "rarely goes to the gym" all helped towards the big question, how does

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on November 19, 1999

Vinyl fetishist needs to find like-minded people for possible online communication, with common aim of satisfying bizarre craving. Do you, like me, long for the touch and smell of delicious smooth black vinyl......

Yes of course I am referring to the fact that 'hours...' is the first David Bowie studio album (apart from 'The Buddha Of Suburbia') not to be released on the shiny black stuff. Yeah I know that I should 'get with the programme' and forget all that old stuff, but I can't help myself.

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Omikron News + A Review

on November 19, 1999

Eidos has released a collectors edition of the recently released TheNomad Soul to French stores such as FNAC, Virgin and Micromania. Limited to 5,500 copies, the package includes:

  • a box
  • the game itself (3 CDs)
  • a technical booklet
  • a 192 page guide with a colour cover full of wonderful drawings fromthe game
  • a collector CD-ROM
  • a white T-shirt
  • 4 numbered colour original lithographs

    The price is 499 French francs, although finding it online may be animpossible task.

    "I saved the sound for last. I did this for several reasons. First off, I haven't heard anything better in a long time.

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    Bowie Kickin In Nyc

    on November 19, 1999

    Last night David Bowie and crew (Mike Garson, Mark Plati, Page Hamilton, Sterling Campbell, Emm Gryner, Holly Palmer, and the birthday girl herself Gail Ann Dorsey) played a killer 17 song set Live from New York City.

    To celebrate Gail's birthday, David popped some champagne, poured for the band, and then passed to bottle (and cups) to the fans in the crowd for a special toast in Gail's honor.

    The entire show was recorded and will be re-broadcasted as both a radio show and Internet cybercast.

    Here is the set list:
    Life On Mars?
    Thursday's Child
    Something In The Air
    China Girl
    Can't Help