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We Are All Sick

on August 22, 1999
    In an interesting article in The Sunday Times, Bowie and Iman get called out as the poster children for Internet addicts.

    The article is entitled "Health Experts say Net Nerds are Sick People" - and goes on to warn:

    "Nerds Beware - European Union psychologists have decided that anyone who surfs the Internet for more than four hours a day is clinically ill and needs medical treatment"

    (Ed. Note: "Get a modem")

    There is an email address for letters to theeditor,( FYI, these comments on the week'snews make up a full page next Sunday.
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New Omikron Site Plus Bowie Character

on August 20, 1999
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Special Announcement: Chat With Floria Sigismondi

on August 19, 1999

    BowieNet is pleased to announce that Floria Sigismondi, Canadian music video director and photographer will be our next chat guest on Tuesday, August 24th at 7 PM EST

    Floria Sigismondi has released a photography book entitled
    "Redemption". It features stills fromsome of her famous videos, including photos from David's videos Dead Man Walking and Little Wonder Video.

    Please log into the #ChatGuest room for this chat event. See you there.

    If you have any questions you would like to ask before the live chat, you can e-mail your Floria Sigismondi questions to

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Update: We Want Your Participation!

on August 18, 1999
    Every once in a while, BowieNet asks it's members to send in stories, news,pictures and general Bowie tidbits that you see out there in the world,so that we can add them to the site. But except for a few die hard fans(you know who you are, and thank you) the incoming news and scoops stillseem to need a boost.

    So it's as simple as this: BowieNet will have a contest from now until theend of the year to see who can provide the best BowieNet stories and news items (as it relates to David Bowie). If you win, and we get "THE" killer story of the year postedon the site because of your