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Valentine News: Baby On The Way!!!!

on February 13, 2000

What could possibly be a better Valentine's Day gift thanthis exciting announcement! Iman and David Bowie haveannounced that Iman is pregnant, and thusly, a Baby Bowieis on the way!!!!

Congratulations to Iman and David on this day of love.And to Baby Bowie... You're in for a treat. You'regoing to have some pretty cool parents!

Now, for a Spaceface Special!

Spaceface, the news-gathering ace hasbeen commissioned to put together alittle something about the new littlesomething coming to the Bowie household!

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Omikron Rocks Pioneer Planet

on February 11, 2000

Fresh out of St. Paul, Minnesota,
Pioneer Planet spreads the word on Omikron's ins and outs. A very positive review, PP gave the game 4 and 1/2 stars.

Here's a clip from the article:

"And the rock star connection is a nice bonus. David Bowie scored the excellent music, and his electronic alter ego even performs in a bar scene that looks like a rock video."

Check out the article

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Dancin' With Niles

on February 11, 2000 ran an intriguing interview with Niles Rodgers, the producer of 'Lets Dance'. Here is a clip of the story:

Q: Moving on to your other production projects, what would you say was the most striking or memorable element of making "Let's Dance" with David Bowie?

A: The absolute admiration I had for David as an artistic figure. Of all the people I've worked with, when I'm in the room with David, I feel like I'm in the room with the embodiment of musical art.

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The Irish Times Are Smilin'

on February 11, 2000

The financial portion of the Irish Times includes an article on A caption relating to an image of a BowieBanc card said this:

David Bowie: funny hair but sound head for business

'Funny' may not adequately define db's hair, but they sure were right about his business sensibilities!

Go to the whole article