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ANCIANT Album Focus: Lodger

on September 11, 2017


“Sometimes I feel, The need to move on”


(ANCIANT = A New Career In A New Town)


Two and a half weeks till the September 29th release of the David Bowie: A New Career In A New Town (1977–1982) box set (ANCIANT), and the subject of our album focus this week is Lodger.


Have a listen to the third and final album in the so called 'Berlin Trilogy' on the official ANCIANT playlist.


Pre-order ANCIANT here.



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Lust For Life is forty today

on September 09, 2017


“Here comes my face, Out of the crowd”


We posted a piece back in March celebrating the 40th anniversary of Iggy Pop’s debut solo album, The Idiot. 


Well, today is the 40th anniversary of Lust For Life, the follow up to The Idiot. Yes, it’s an Iggy Pop album, but it’s also an important part of David Bowie’s recorded history.


Bowie co-wrote seven of the nine tracks on the record and suggested the title Lust For Life, after having composed the riff on a ukulele with the Armed Forces Network staccato TV station ident for inspiration, as the pair watched TV one evening.


Bowie, Pop and

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Win a set of 5 Bowie vinyl test pressings

on September 08, 2017


“All you have to do is win…”


How do you fancy a set of impossibly rare, white label, vinyl test pressings from the upcoming David Bowie 'A New Career In A New Town' box set?


The set includes the following five albums: Low, "Heroes", Lodger (Original mix), Lodger (TV 2017 mix) and Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps), all courtesy of Parlophone.


For your chance to win, follow the official ANCIANT playlist here.



#ANCIANTbox  #ANewCareerInANewTownBox  #BowieVinyl  

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14-pages and 10 out of 10 ANCIANT review in LLV

on September 07, 2017


“...want to know the past, want to know the real deal”


(ANCIANT = A New Career In A New Town - LLV = Long Live Vinyl magazine)


Available now is the October issue of LLV. This relatively new publication (this is issue 7), has already featured Bowie regularly within its pages, including a superb DB album discography and collectors' special by Andrew Price in Issue 1.


The October issue has a 10-page feature focusing on ANCIANT as outlined in this blurb:


+ - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - +


The October issue of Long Live Vinyl celebrates the release of David

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ANCIANT Album Focus: Stage

on September 06, 2017


“The boy in the bright blue jacket, jumped up on the stage” *


(ANCIANT = A New Career In A New Town)


Today we continue our album focus on Stage, the recorded document of the ISOLAR 2 tour, or, as it was known at the time: The 1978 World Tour.


Here’s the introduction of Matt Damsker’s review of one of the Spectrum Arena shows in Philadelphia, where much of Stage was recorded.



+ - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - +



Flamboyant David Bowie Returns — in Triumph. By MATT DAMSKER of The Bulletin Staff


Even without the benefit of a current hit record, David Bowie