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Bowie’s 2002 Meltdown triumph

on June 29, 2014


“Memory Of A Meltdown Festival”


Hard to imagine that it was exactly twelve years ago this very night that David Bowie closed the tenth Meltdown Festival (which he also curated), with an evening called The New Heathens at The Royal Festival Hall on London’s South Bank.

Performing both 1977’s Low album and the new release Heathen, he hadn’t gigged at the venue for thirty years, when he played the Save The Whale benefit on July 8 1972. His guest that night was Lou Reed.

For the 2002 show, Bowie and band played to a highly appreciative audience of fans and celebrities and this festival finale

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Capaldi’s Doctor Who based on Bowie

on June 29, 2014


“Get me to The Doctor”


According to The Sunday Express, Peter Capaldi’s take on Dr Who has a bit of a Bowie influence. Here’s a bit from the online version.



The Thin White Doc: New Doctor Who based on David Bowie


EVERY new Doctor Who puts a unique spin on the character – and Peter Capaldi is no exception.

By: Jaymi McCann - Published: Sun, June 29, 2014


David Bowie has inspired Peter Capaldi’s version of the inconic Time Lord [BBC/PH]

The 55-year-old took inspiration from music legend David Bowie when embarking on his tenure as the 12th incarnation of the Time Lord.

His sleek

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Bowie’s 2000 return to Glastonbury

on June 25, 2014


“Divine symmetry”


Around about exactly fourteen years ago tonight, thousands of peoploids were marvelling at David Bowie’s triumphant return to Glastonbury after an absence of a mere twenty nine years.

In our pictures (which are only separated by around two hours) you can see that he sported a similar hairdo to his June 23 1971 appearance.

Though it has to be said the Alexander McQueen coat probably cost a few bob more than the ‘magic cloak’ he wore for his first visit. (Scroll images for comparison)

This set was witnessed by considerably more people in 2000 than in 1971 and didn’t every

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Life On Mars? Yesterday and Tomorrow

on June 23, 2014


“Mars happy nation”


David Bowie’s Life On Mars? 45 was released forty one years ago yesterday in the UK. The 40th anniversary picture disc was released a year ago tomorrow.

The track was taken from the 1971 album, Hunky Dory, but was released as a single in 1973 in the UK to capitalise on its popularity as a live number during the Aladdin Sane Tour of the same year. It reached #3 on the UK singles chart.

In an article that accompanied the June 2008 issue of The Mail on Sunday’s free cover-mount CD, iSELECTBOWIE, Bowie described the creation of the song:


“This song was so easy.

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Berlin Loves Bowie

on June 22, 2014


“Somebody plays my song in tune”


Extraordinary amount of press covering the current run of David Bowie is in Berlin. Pictured here are a few of the front covers, and as you’ve no doubt noticed our headline is the translation of the zittyBERLIN exclamation.

An interesting item came with the May issue of German Rolling Stone ( in the shape of a cover-mount CD accompanying the 8-page feature inside..

The CD features ten exclusive Bowie covers and very good it is too. Here’s the tracklisting...




01 - Lambert – Art Decade

02 - King Khan &