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Never Let Me Down is 30 today

on April 20, 2017


"When all your faith is failing, Call my name"


Thirty years ago today, David Bowie released his seventeenth studio album, Never Let Me Down.


The album hasn't weathered well over the's had a track surgically removed from it, never to be spoken of again, and even its creator didn’t have the nicest things to say about it.


Despite all this, it did reach #6 in the UK album chart back in 1987 and was certified gold three  months later.


Three singles were released from the album: Day-In Day-Out, Time Will Crawl and Never Let Me Down, all of which reached the UK Top 40 and the

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No Plan EP clear blue 12" release dates

on April 19, 2017


“I’ve got Friday (and Saturday) on my mind”


Back in February when we told you about the numbered, limited edition (one-run only), clear blue vinyl 12" of the No Plan EP (produced exclusively for independent record shops), we stated that it would be released internationally on April 21st.


That’s still the plan in North America, but the UK has it as a Record Store Day (RSD) only release, which is this coming Saturday the if you didn’t already know.


There may be other territorial adjustments, but either way it’s probably best to check that your local emporium is stocking the

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Dead Man Walking is 20 today

on April 14, 2017


“like I'm dancing on angels”


With all the attention on the release of a fifty-year-old novelty song today, the twenty year anniversary of the Dead Man Walking single seems to have been somewhat overlooked.


Released on April 14th 1997, the song was written by David Bowie and Reeves Gabrels and released as the third single from the 1997 Earthling album.


The video was created under the genius direction of Floria Sigismondi, who fans will be aware of via other startling videos and photographs she created for Bowie.


Go watch the full thing now over on the Floria Sigismondi site, and have

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Bowie worldwide 7" discography book updated

on April 14, 2017


“The solid book we wrote, can now be found again”


Continuing on from fan-produced Bowie items we mentioned last week, we thought we’d mark today’s 50th anniversary of the original 1967 release of The Laughing Gnome 7", with a look at something relevant to that.


Back in 1994 Marshall Jarman self-published the brilliantly researched DAVID BOWIE WORLD 7” RECORDS DISCOGRAPHY 1964 – 1981. More than a labour of love, this king of Bowie collectors actually ended up out of pocket, as he explains...


“When I published this book way back in 1994, it cost me £12,000 and I took back £10,500 in

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O’Neill’s When Ziggy Played The Marquee book due

on April 13, 2017


“Ziggy really sang”


Hard to imagine in these days of instant news distribution, just how important the likes of Terry O’Neill were (particularly Terry O’Neill), in keeping us in tune with Bowie’s latest look via daily newspapers and the music press.


Indeed, aside from the lucky attendees at the Marquee filming sessions in October 1973, the first glimpse fans got of Bowie’s latest sartorial sensations was via Terry O’Neill’s centre page photo spread in the Daily Mirror, considered important enough at the time to be highlighted on the front page.


Now, 44 years later, Terry has compiled