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Pretty Green and Mick Rock create Bowie T-shirts

on October 20, 2014


“But the Pretty Green Tees are following me”


Pretty Green, the menswear label founded by Liam Gallagher, has teamed up with Mick Rock to create a range of five T-shirts featuring iconic Ziggy era Bowie images.

The Pretty Green Mick Rock David Bowie T-shirt collection will be available to buy from Pretty Green’s online store in limited numbers from 31st October, priced at £95 each.

Scroll the images here to view larger versions of each shirt. We’ll leave you with the blurb from the press release.


This season we’ve had the pleasure of working with the legendary Rock and Roll photographer

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Happy Birthday Pin Ups

on October 19, 2014


“And me I’m on a radio show”


Pin Ups, David Bowie’s album of 60s cover versions, was released 41 years ago today, and was possibly the last great glam rock album of all time. (Discuss)

Either way, it still sounds incredible today and if you’ve not heard it in a while, reacquaint yourself with Pin Ups on Spotify now.

Also, don't forget the Pin Ups Radio Show with exclusive recollections from Bowie made in 1973, that we told you about last year.

The show features snippets from Pin Ups interspersed with brief observations from Bowie regarding some of the bands he covered on the album,

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Steve Schapiro talks Bowie to Chicagoist

on October 17, 2014


“It’s a Drive-In Saturday”


For those of you in Chicago to see the David Bowie Is exhibition, you may want to tie in a trip to the Ed Pashcke Art Center where the current exhibition is Steve Schapiro: Warhol, Reed, & Bowie.

The photographer spoke to Chicagoist about the exhibition recently. Here’s an edited extract from the article regarding Bowie.


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CHICAGOIST: You're a great observer of humanity, even with iconic, larger-then-life figures like Bowie.

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NME's 40 favourite Bowie tracks - the full list

on October 17, 2014


“There’s been many others”


For those of you that haven't yet managed to get your hands on NME in one format or another, they have now published the full list of the forty Bowie tracks chosen for this week’s ten-page Bowie cover feature, online.

If you don't want to know yet, stop reading now...if you do, here they are in descending order.


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David Bowie's 40 Greatest Songs - As Decided By NME And Friends


David Bowie has plenty of stone-cold classics to choose from so it was a challenge to pick out his 40 greatest songs.

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Jonathan Barnbrook discusses NHC design

on October 16, 2014


“Somebody special, Looking at me” *


As you are well aware, Jonathan Barnbrook is the designer behind The Next Day campaign, not to mention his work on Heathen and Reality, and the associated single releases from each of the three albums.

In NME’s three-page piece about Sue (Or In A Season Of Crime) and the upcoming Nothing Has Changed compilation they published last week, there was a page given over to Barnbrook’s discussion regarding the design of Nothing Has Changed, or, to employ the correct style; Nothing has changed.

Well, they only used a small part of Barnbrook’s contribution, so